The One Putz Putter

Introducing the world’s only forearm stabilized putter. By automatically locking your lead wrist the One Putz Putter Training Aid will force you to putt correctly.

Our Unique Putter Training Aid Will Lower Your Score, I Guarantee It.

     --Jack Reece, Inventor.

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The One Putz Putter

The One Putz Putter golf uses your own forearm to reduce club head rotation and forces you to maintain the same grip, putt after putt. While building muscle memory, the One Putz Putter enables you to putt and chip just like the pros: from your shoulders! Practice is the key to success, and professionals such as Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer have spent thousands of hours practicing, building that muscle memory! Schools and organizations using One Putz Putters: Drake University, Wake Forest University, Indiana Golf Academy at Franklin, Ball State University, NCA at Indiana University.

The One Putz Putter & Hole Seeker Chippers work taking the complexities of the golfer's hands and wrist out of the putting motion and forces the golfer to putt from the shoulders. Learn more about how they work by watching our video above.

The One Putz Putter offset grip also eliminates most of the radial movement. These three factors; eliminating the unwanted wrist action, adding radial stability and forcing the golfer to putt from the shoulders does many things for the golfer and make the One Putz Putter appealing to golfers at many levels of play.

For the serious student of golf, the One Putz Putter is a tremendous golf training aid building muscle memory and forcing the golfer to putt from the shoulders. Currently we are working with several golf schools and collegiate golf teams to provide a new way of teaching proper putting techniques.

Jack Putting with his
One Putz Putter

Conceived from one of the oldest sucker bets in golf: "I can putt better than you using a ball peen hammer", the Sagamore Shaft stabilizes your putting stroke without changing your stance or forcing you into some weird or unorthodox style of putting.

The secret is in the patented bend. . .

The Sagamore Shaft forces you to putt with a true pendulum stroke that all great golfers strive for and our offset design also eliminates unwanted club head rotation. Most good golfers see and 2 to 3 stroke reduction in their game while many recreational or fun golfers see a 5 to 7 reduction in their score.

USGA: “if your unique club enhances the recreational golfer’s game and is used by the serious golfers for training purposes, we are for your success.”

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Who Uses the OnePutz Putter?

Novice Golfer - For the beginner golfer with the guidance of a professional instructor, it's the ultimate training aid.

Competitive Golfer - For the competitive golfer it's the ultimate practice club.

Recreational / Fun Golfer - For the recreational golfer it's the ultimate game enhancing club.

Handicap golfer - For the handicap golfer and the amputee, the OnePutz Putter and Sagamore Chipper can help them improve their short game.  Also it can enable them to enjoy the game of golf the same way they enjoyed it before their condition.  Our game enhancing club can be approved to be used in tournaments using USGA rules.

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  • Training Aid Vs. Practice Putter

    “Training aid” is such an over worked term encompassing everything that attempts to improve one’s golf game. In talking with several local golf professionals it was brought out that we have several very good golfers using our putters exclusively when not playing in USGA governed tournaments, these golfers refer to their OnePutz putters as their “practice putter,” a more correct term than training aid for golfers at this level of play.

  • We Make Custom Putters!

    This last week we had a fellow call and asked if we could make him a putter using the putter head off his old putter and we responded of course. Upon receiving his extremely used Mizuno tm putter and seeing it was their non inserted version of the classic Acer design I suggested building him our PGA Pro Acer in brass. Since we had his putter to precisely measure his grip position we made his new putter 33 ½ from bottom of putter head to the beginning of the stabilizer bend.

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I really like the feel and the alignment of the One Putz Putter. I'm working with the one putz concept on the practice green and during practice rounds. Thanks for all your communications. You have a company with first class customer service.

- Byron Dalkert Golf Professional

It's hard to understand why some golfers pay hundreds of dollars for a game enhancing driver that may or may not help their score when they can buy a One Putz Putter and take many more strokes off their game.

- Dave Hill retired PGA Pro